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Husqvarna FF
Där drömmar blir till verklighet

HFF´s values

Husqvarna FFs values ​​are the values ​​that form the basis for how we behave and act. Our players, leaders and other members are expected to follow our values. Our core values ​​are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We welcome all children and young people to play football with us regardless of ethnicity, disability, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

We always put the childs best interests in the center, where we take into account the individuals needs and provide opportunities for development at the rate that suits each ones physical, mental and social conditions.

The business is based on participation, commitment and is driven according to democratic principles where decisions are based.

The non-profit leadership is the foundation of our business and is characterized by joy, community and Fair Play.

Husqvarna FF refrains from drugs and doping. Our business will also be conducted in alcohol and tobacco-free environments.

We want each others success and we want to make each other better.

Husqvarna FFs activities must be conducted on the basis of a sound financial thinking.

The association follows SEFs "Code of conduct".

Husqvarna FF rejects racist and anti-democratic expressions and ideas.

Contact the Husqvarna FFs Value Foundation

Ingvar Ederborn

073-229 09 89

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