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Striker joins Husqvarna FF
2018-03-13 20:08
Welcome Joel to Husqvarna FF. (Photo by Joakim Edvinsson)

He is a fast striker with ability to use both feet in his game. In addition, he has done some caps for the national games, both youth and in the A-team from New Zealand. We welcome Joel Stevens to Husqvarna FF.

- It’s fun to be here and I hope to make a new start in my football career, says Joel.

New Zealand - Rugby, football and cricket.

 I have had to learned everything (well) about Canadian football over the last passing seasons. This because Husqvarna FF had a collaboration with the Canadian organization Link Experience. However, after the goalkeeper David Monsalve moved back to Canada, it had been very thin with maple leaves in the squad.

Now, a highly rated and very promising player join the club and he is from... New Zealand. So what is my take on New Zealand football? Well nothing, I would say.

Quickly go to Wikipedia and learn some more ...

The National team is called ”All Whites” after the color of their shirts. They feel like a nicer variation on the nations pride, the terrifying rugby team, "All Blacks". 

Well, New Zealand football; The national team has twice qualified for the World Cup. The first time was 1982 in Spain and then 2010 in the  wonderful World Cup of the vuvuzelas, in South Africa. The team did not survived in their tough group. They didn’t lose any of the games but three ties wasn’t enough. 

It does not pave off renowned players from New Zealand. However, a name that appears is Craig Hendersson. He played many matches in New Zealands youth team. During the period 2010-2013 he played for Mjällby AIF in Sweden when the team was in  the Swedish first tier, Allsvenskan. After a session in Norway he was back in Sweden, but then in GAIS.

Ryan Nelsen is probably the most renowned player from New Zeeland. He played in 2005 - 2013 in Premier League, mainly in Blackburn Rovers and Queens Park Rangers. 

Quick and offensive attacker.

Joel Stevens is now the first player from New Zeeland in Husqvarna FF. He was born in 1995 and was starting his carrier in the team Southern United. His latest club was Wellington Phoenix. Its a team from the capital of New Zealand. They play in the highest league. The team is participating in a league that also includes teams from Australia and if I’m correctly informed also Oceanien.

He participated in the friendly game between Husqvarna FF and Jönköping Södra. Thats how he came to Sweden. It didn’t work out with J-södra so he could put on the more beautiful blue-striped sweater. 

"We are pleased to have signed such a promising young player. He has every opportunity to succeed in Husqvarna FF, says head coach  Benjamin Westman.

He can play both as at the classic number 10 position. But he also has the skills to play as a right or left wing. He has two good feet and is strong one-on-one.

Joel has made a couple of U20 and U23 national team appearances. He has also played three games for the national team of New Zeeland.

The contract with the club is for one season.

Welcome to Husqvarna FF.

Text and Photo: Joakim Edvinsson

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